The Governing Body at Ashleigh Primary School

The Governors are responsible for policy and strategy and the Headteacher is responsible for the day-to-day running of the school and ensuring that the policy and strategy agreed by the Governors is implemented. The Governing Body has a large number of legal responsibilities and amongst these are ensuring that the National Curriculum is properly delivered, arranging for religious education to be carried out, deciding how to spend the delegated budget and approving the many different school policies, such as those referring to discipline and behaviour and health and safety.

In this section of the website you can find out who the governors of our school are.

If you would like to contact the governors, please do so by phoning the school at the number on this website’s front page or by emailing the school.

Governance Statement

Ashleigh Governance Statement 2016-2017

Governing Body

Name of Governor Category of Governor Key Responsibility

Term of Office


Term of Office Expires
Sam Nixon Headteacher Jan 2016 On-going
Louise Carolan Staff Governor 26-11-15 25-11-19
Tara Riddle LA Governor



27-06-16 26-06-20
Jo Satterley Parent Governor Safeguarding 09-10-13 08-10-17
Melissa Marfleet – Collins Parent Governor

Vulnerable Groups (LAAC, SEND, EAL, G&T, Pupil Premium)


06-02-17 05-02-21
Claire Dixon Co-opted Governor New Build/ Premises 05-02-17 04-02-21
Kate Wood Co-opted Governor

Vice Chair

Personnel and HR

Curriculum – Literacy

Cluster Governor

Monitoring and Assessment

03-06-15 02-06-19
Sarah Williamson Co-opted Governor

Health and Safety


03-06-15 02-06-19
Danni Lacey Co-opted Governor 11-11-15 10-11-19
Rob Roe Co-opted Governor Finance 26-01-16 25-01-20
Martin Taylor Co-opted Governor Curriculum – Maths 26-01-16 25-01-20
Lisa Bramford Co-opted Governor Co-Chair 26-01-16 25-01-20
Sarah Witcomb Co-opted Governor Co-Chair 26-01-16 25-01-20
Beth Brais Associate Governor 03-06-15 02-06-19

Membership – as per the Instrument of Government

Quorum – One half of Governors in post

Clerk to the Governing Body – Jo Bolver


Register of Business and Pecuniary Interests for School Governors

The register should set out the relevant business interests of governors and details of any other educational establishments they govern. The register should also set out any relationships between governors and members of the school staff including spouses, partners and relatives.

Name of Governor Name of Organisation Nature of Interest Date from which involved Date of Signatures Date interest ceased
Sam Nixon Great Ellingham Primary School School Governor, Federated Governing Body of Great Ellingham Primary and Rocklands Primary March 2016 31-03-16
Louise Carolan Ashleigh Primary School Member of staff ongoing



Tara Riddle 05-10-15
Jo Satterley



Melissa Marfleet – Collins Troops to Teachers
Consultant ongoing



Claire Dixon



Kate Wood Relative of Beth Brais ongoing



Sarah Williamson



Danni Lacey Ashleigh Primary School Member of Staff ongoing 05-10-15
Rob Roe



Martin Taylor Ashleigh Primary School Partner of Majorie Mailard – school employee ongoing



Lisa Bramford



Sarah Witcomb Norfolk and Norwich Festival Offering arts workshops and performances to schools Sept 2010



Beth Brais Relative of Kate Wood ongoing



Governors’ Attendance Record for 2016-17

Governor Name Attendance Out of a possible Attendance rate
Sam Nixon 6 6 100%
Louise Carolan 5 6 83%
Tara Riddle 6 6 100%
Jo Satterley 6 6 100%
Claire Dixon 6 6 100%
Kate Wood 5 6 83%
Shaun Newby 1 1 100%
Sarah Williamson 3 6 50%
Danni Lacey 5 6 83%
Rob Roe 4 6 67%
Martin Taylor 4 6 67%
Lisa Bramford 4 6 67%
Sarah Witcomb 5 6 83%
Beth Brais 5 6 83%
Melissa Marfleet-Collins 3 3 100%