Our intention is that all pupils will have a wide range of musical knowledge and experiences during their time at Ashleigh Primary School. All pupils will have a deepening understanding of music and will have a love of music in their own way.

Pupils will have knowledge of a range of different musical genres, composers and music from different traditions and how music has developed throughout history. They will be able to talk about different elements that identifies a piece of music to a genre. Pupils will be able to listen to music with attention to detail and recall sounds with increasing aural memory. They will talk about how the music sounds and how it makes them feel.

All pupils will have experience of playing a range of both tuned and untuned instruments and have an understanding of the sounds that different instruments make. They will have experience of group singing and know how to use their voice to make different sounds. They will have experience of performing to an audience in both solo and group contexts; sharing their knowledge and skills by performing at different places in the community. All pupils will play instruments and use their voices with increasing accuracy, fluency, control and expression as they progress through the school. They will have experience of listening to both recorded and live music. Pupils will know how to create their own music through experimenting, exploring, improvising and composing.

By the end of their time at Ashleigh Primary School, children will be able to discuss music using specific music vocabulary. They will have knowledge of pitch, rhythm, tone, dynamic and how they are used in different pieces and genres of music. All pupils will know, use and understand staff and other musical notations through their experience of playing instruments and singing throughout their time at Primary School.

Action Plan

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