Constructionism states that children learn best through making things for others and this should run throughout the computing curriculum (Ackerman et al., 2009.) Children should, therefore, engage in meaningful learning which is active, constructive, intentional, authentic and cooperative. Ashleigh children will have the opportunity to experience the most up to date technologies and be exposed to a range of computing systems.

  • Children will have the opportunity to:
    • use computing resources in cross-curricular lessons
    • create a program, presentation, website or video to show an audience every year (scratch-off competition, 3d printing, schooltube).
    • meet and listen to someone who works in computing.
    • tinker with computing resources
    • apply for and be selected as a digital leader. Digital leaders will have the opportunity to take advantage of industrial links (Hethel, Lotus etc.)
    • support the creation of and running of a school radio station
  • Children will know:
    • what an algorithm is
    • how to create a computer program
    • how to debug and predict what will happen with a program
    • how to use technology to manipulate data
    • how to use technology safely
    • the risks of being online and how to use social media
  • EYFS children should have the opportunity to:
    • tinker with computing resources
    • use beebots and iPads as part of their free-flow activities
    • see technology being used for a particular purpose every day
  • EYFS children should know:
    • how to complete a simple program (beebots)
    • that technology is used for a purpose
Curriculum Map
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