Our intent at Ashleigh is to ensure each child has a wealth of knowledge from a variety of significant periods in time; creating enthusiastic learners who have developed the ability to empathise with historical content, as well gained a knowledge of key historical facts.

Children at Ashleigh will be able to think critically about history, are able to share their ideas effectively, as well as reflect, debate, discuss and evaluate the past by enquiry based questions. Children should feel a sense of curiosity within the history curriculum and be provided resources to facilitate exploration of the past.

Quality resources, such as artefacts, books, historical articles etc. enhance experiences and the quality of learning.

Children at Ashleigh should be able to recall relevant facts, including the chronology of key events as well as explain the experiences of others during specific eras. Taking into account how people lived during specific eras (linked to high quality fictional texts) and how this has had an impact on how we live today.

This learning will take place as part of History lessons each term, sometimes returning to periods of time previously taught, to make connections and direct comparison in their Historical knowledge.

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