Assistant Head EYFS: Mrs J Miller

Nursery Lead: Mrs S Sprake

Nursery Team: Mrs S Sprake, Mrs G Roberts, Mrs P Cowdry, Mrs C Sharp, MJ Scott, Miss R Bruce, Mrs V Gray.

Reception Team: Mrs J Miller, Mrs L Ellero, Mrs C McPherson, Mrs S Anderson, Mrs S Smith. 

Our EYFS Approach

thumbnail of Our Ashleigh EYFS Statement 2019

The curriculum in Nursery and Reception is based on the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). This provides a framework for realistic and challenging experiences that meet the different needs of all our children.

The Foundation Stage Curriculum is made up of 3 prime areas of learning:

  • PSED: Personal, Social and Emotional Development. This area develops social skills, attitude to learning, self–confidence, self-awareness and supports them in managing feelings and behavior. This is also delivered through our PATHS curriculum from Reception onwards.
  • C & L: Communication and Language. This area develops skills such as listening and attention, understanding and communicating with others.
  • PD: Physical Development. This areas teaches children about their bodies, how to be healthy and develop skills such as control, movement, strength and using equipment safely.

There are also 4 specific areas:

  • L: This area develops skills in reading and writing, through the teaching of phonics and supporting children to apply these skills in all areas of their learning.
  • M: This area develops skills such as counting, addition, subtraction, problem solving, understanding shape and measuring.
  • UW: Understanding the World. This area develops a child’s understanding of the environment and their community, the world and technology around them.
  • E, A & D: Expressive Arts and Design. This area develops their imagination and the skills of singing, drama, making, painting and using different resources.

Cross-curricular links are made through carefully planned topics. Learning is achieved through practical and enquiry based activities, as well as whole and small group teaching sessions.

Spring 1 Medium Term Plan

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Autumn 2 Medium Term Plan

thumbnail of Autumn Term 2 Medium Term Overview 2019

Autumn 1 Medium Term Plan

thumbnail of Autumn Term 1 Medium Term Plan 2019

thumbnail of Knowledge Organiser – Jungles and Rainforests

thumbnail of Knowledge Organiser – Superheroes

thumbnail of Knowledge Organiser – Dragons and Castles

thumbnail of Knowledge Organiser – Winter 7th, 13th and 20th January

thumbnail of Knowledge Organiser – Christmas

thumbnail of Knowledge Organiser – Light and Dark Autumn 2 Weeks 3, 4 and 5

thumbnail of Knowledge Organiser – Festivals and Fireworks Autumn 2 Weeks 1 and 2

thumbnail of Reception Knowledge Organiser – All About Me Autumn 1 thumbnail of Reception Knowledge Organiser Autumn 1

Reception Weekly Overview

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Ashleigh Primary School & Nursery

Acting Headteachers: Miss Danni Lacey and Mrs Lucy Greenacre

Sheffield Road, Wymondham, Norfolk NR18 0HL
Telephone: 01953 602410 • Email: office@ashleigh.norfolk.sch.uk