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We hope that you find it a useful place to find out about our wonderful school and that it gives you a good idea about who we are and what we do, whether you are an existing member of our community or someone wishing to find out more about us.

The Staff, Governors and I are committed to working together to provide the highest quality education.  We strongly believe in the importance of communication, reading and mathematics as the core skills which give children the confidence to become ‘authors of their own life stories’.  We’re equally committed to developing the children as global citizens.  Through our Ashleigh ‘Guiding Stars’ we nurture their respect for themselves and others. 

At Ashleigh, we all work hard to ensure that inclusion is a reality for all of our children and that everyone feels valued and a part of our learning community.  At Ashleigh we believe we are ‘All different, All equal, All learning’.

We are proud of our curriculum, which teaches children the key knowledge and skills of the national curriculum and allows them to apply it in engaging and exciting learning opportunities.  This successful approach means we build a love of learning in our children and attain very good results. Our curriculum provides all children discover new interests, new talents and the power of their own, unknowable potential.

We aim to ensure that all of our children enjoy their schooling and strive for excellence.  Equality, fairness and a sense of belonging are nurtured within our school.  We celebrate children’s successes in all areas and help them to embrace challenge.

Our school is welcoming and friendly.  We value parents and carers and work in partnership to secure the best outcomes for our children.  You are invited to contact us or visit at any time to discuss your child’s needs.

We look forward to welcoming you to our school!

Mr John McConnell

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We are all stars: Ashleigh makes us shine.

What do parents/carers say about our school?

“This school brings out the very best of my child in so many ways”.

“The communication from the school has been amazing and they continue to support us when we need it! I love this school and can’t recommend it enough!”

“I can’t praise Ashleigh school enough”.

“An amazing team of people which include not only teaching staff but administration staff too, who all contribute to making the school a great place for my child to learn”.

“Communication between staff, the class teacher and parents has been excellent here”.

“The teachers are amazing and show so much commitment, dedication and kindness”.

Attendance 24th June 2022

Whole school attendance year to date is 94.47%.

House attendance year to date:

Hercules 94.7%

Hydra 94.69%

Orion 94.4%

Pegasus 94.1%

Ashleigh Primary School & Nursery

Headteacher: Mr John McConnell

Sheffield Road, Wymondham, Norfolk NR18 0HL
Telephone: 01953 602410 • Email: