At Ashleigh Primary School and Nursery, we have an increasing number of children who are arriving at our school with English as an additional language or are completely new to the English language, although this remains below local and National %. We support the children in feeling safe and supported as soon as possible in their school life. The children are supported by staff and other children to become familiar with daily routines and are encouraged to join in. Our children are extremely supportive of others with EAL and pride themselves in being helpful and supportive towards them.

Staff work closely with parents to ensure a smooth transition into school for all pupils with EAL. By building this relationship we have a far better understanding of the children’s needs and where they may need additional support. Resources such as visual stimuli, ‘word aware’ approach, bi-lingual stories and dictionaries are used, where appropriate, to support all children with EAL to become more independent in learning English.

Children with EAL at Ashleigh Primary are given the tools and confidence to make excellent progress while they are with us and this assists them in their future education and life. They are fully involved in not only the classroom but many other areas of our school such as: school clubs, performances, choir, forest schools.

All children and staff at Ashleigh Primary have an appreciation for different cultures and languages, and are encouraged to share their experience of the world with each other.

Action Plan

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