As Ashleigh changes to a Primary school we have also changed our uniform supplier. Our school uniform is now supplied by Birds of Dereham.


There are different ways to order the uniform making it easier for parents…

  1. You can go onto Birds website www.schoolwear-uk.com and click on ‘The School Shop’. You will see Ashleigh Primary School listed. Click on the school name to be taken to the unif orm items f or sale. You can place an order online to be delivered direct to the school for no charge. TO QUALIFY FOR FREE DELIVERY TO SCHOOL YOU MUST ENTER THE CODE ASH15 (all upper case). Please note that delivery to school can take up to 3 weeks. Once the unif orm has arrived it will be sent home with your child. The school has no direct control over the delivery of uniform so if you have any queries please speak to Birds directly.
  1. You can also go onto Birds website schoolwear-uk.com and place an order to be delivered to your home. For this service there is a charge of £4.50 if the order is less than £50 or free delivery if the order is more than £50. If you want delivery to your home perhaps consider combining your order with a friends to reduce the delivery cost. If you also have children at Robert Kett Primary then you can combine postage to home as they also use Birds to supply their uniform.
  1. Finally, you can go into Birds shop in Dereham and purchase the uniform there.
    Birds (Argent Clothing Ltd)
    Unit D, 13 Yaxham Road, Dereham, Norfolk, NR19 lHB
    Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday 9am-5.30pm
    Late night opening on Thursdays until 8pm Closed all day Sundays and Bank Holidays.

School uniform will no longer be stocked in school. This is due to the amount of space that would be required as the school grows along with the children.

Moving to online ordering has also meant that we can offer you a wider range of uniform items to choose from. There will be some samples of uniform in the school office should you wish to check sizes before ordering.

Returns and Faulty Items

It is inevitable that there may the occasion where you need to return an item of uniform. In this case please refer to the Birds website for full details of what to do. Uniform cannot be returned through the school.

Name Labels

Please, make sure that all items of your child’s clothing are clearly named, including shoes – it is almost impossible to identify the owner of lost clothes otherwise.

If ordering name labels please consider using the company Easy2name, www.easy2name.com or 01635 298326 and quote ‘Ashleigh Friends’. Not only do Ashleigh Friends earn 20% cash back but there might be less in the lost property box at school too!

Uniform Price List – June 2020

Our school uniform is now supplied by Birds of Dereham.

Email: enquiries@schoolwear-uk.com
Tel: 01362 699130

Sweatshirts £10.00
Cardigan £11.00
Fleece £12.50
PE T-shirts £6.50
PE Bag £4.00
Book bag
(with strap)
Infant Backpack £12.00
Junior Backpack £12.50
Book bag
(with detachable neck cover)
Reversible Jacket £18.00
Polo T-Shirt

For free delivery to the school quote the code ASH15.

Please note prices may increase if you need to purchase sizes greater than 12 years.

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