Our intent at Ashleigh is to develop Primary Scientists that are equipped with knowledge and skills to play an active role in future scientific activity. They will do this through a suggested 1.5 hours in KS1 and 2 hours in KS2 per week, however as long as full coverage of the curriculum is ensured weekly timetabling is not always essential.

Because science is a core subject within the National Curriculum, the Ashleigh science curriculum places a high value on secure and detailed knowledge, so that any experiences are enhanced and used as a tool to revisit and reinforce understanding.  It is hoped that this intended knowledge and these experiences will inspire all pupils to be scientifically literate as they grow up, questioning the world around them and making links between different areas of learning.  The ‘working scientifically’ aspect of the National Curriculum is clearly an important part of science and these skills are mapped out by the science subject leaders to ensure progression, however these should not be used as mechanisms for teaching the knowledge and concepts but a tool for demonstrating them.  We hope Ashleigh scientists will become empowered and strive for change in an uncertain world with an unpredictable future.

At Ashleigh, our scientists will also build a key bank of knowledge and facts, leading to a good understanding of local agriculture. This places a strong emphasis on plants, animals and local farming practices.  Science experiences at Ashleigh, such as trips and visitors will often make links to these areas and are frequently seen during our annual ‘Science and Farming Week’.

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